Robert Downey Jr.

For an actor who has starred almost simultaneously in three of today’s biggest action blockbusters, Robert Downey Jr. is an unlikely hero, though his journey from an early run of flops and personal troubles to the Iron Man franchise has been epic. The very human RDJ goes beyond that well-chronicled ride and talks to Off Camera about lessons learned over his long career, why he’s both skeptical and enamored of his art, and his ability to bring mass-market aspects to the small movies and independent spirit to the big ones. That, and tap dancing…

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Aimee Mann

A wall of bad presidents, German lessons, and touring on her own terms: this is what happens when the artist whose reputation was defined by fighting with her record label doesn’t need a record label anymore. Aimee talks about her approach to song craft, her obsession with comedians, and her early days as a reluctant video star.

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Blake Mills

At 26, guitarist/producer/ songwriter Blake Mills has racked up what would constitute a lifetime of career experience for any musician. The low-key virtuoso has worked with Band Of Horses, Lucinda Williams, Conor Oberst, Fiona Apple, Kid Rock, Nora Jones and Danger Mouse. Mills discusses his musical influences, how music is changing for performers and fans today, and making the personal universal with his gripping solo album, Break Mirrors.

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John Krasinski

Walking out of a college basketball practice might have been the smartest career move John Krasinski ever made. On the cusp of leaving his show The Office behind for the unknown, Krasinski discusses his surprisingly accomplished resume, co-writing his newest film with Matt Damon, and what not to say to George Clooney.

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Val McCallum

Whether or not you’ve heard of Val McCallum, you’ve heard him play the guitar. He discovered the instrument at age eight and hung on to it for dear life through some tough twists and turns to become one of today’s most in-demand studio musicians.Val talks about growing up in a famous family, his experiences backing many of the industry’s most iconic musicians, and why it took him 30 years to release his first-ever solo record.

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