Michael B. Jordan

From inconsolable crying at age 12 when he didn’t get a part, to filling journals with elaborate fictional backstories of his characters when he did get the part, Michael B. Jordan clearly takes his career very seriously. In Fruitvale Station, his performance shows how that hard work has paid off. The exceptional young actor talks to Off Camera about early experiences on The Wire and Friday Night Lights, about finding the humanity in his characters, and about how he doesn’t want to be the next anybody.

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Will Forte

Will Forte rose through the ranks of some of the most renowned comedies with the usual mix of persistence and absurdity, repeatedly clubbing people with his jokes until his humor was acknowledged – or until he was humiliated enough to stop. “People like me don’t get discovered,” he explains. Until now. And by director Alexander Payne, who cast him seemingly way against type in his acclaimed film Nebraska.

Off Camera asks the actor about how he managed not to become a financial broker, his transition from writing comedy to performing it and what he’s learned from an impressive and generous set of mentors along the way. In turn, Forte takes the celery out of his butt, stops humping innocent musical instruments and gets real about the role of a lifetime.

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Martin Short

Martin Short doesn’t need to be the funniest guy in the room, he just is. But whether inhabiting his one-man library of moronic, exuberant characters or killing it as one of late night’s favorite talk show guests, Short works hard to make it look easy. The comic talks to Off Camera about what he learned about preparation from the masters of classic comedy, the confidence that carried him from musical theater to SCTV and SNL and his own Primetime Glick. In a somewhat intimidating meta-moment, Off Camera Interviews the consummate interviewer.

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Stacy Peralta

Stacy Peralta’s the kind of guy who’s incapable of doing anything but exactly what he wants to do. Or as he more eloquently puts it: “I’m simply going to do what I’ve always done, which is make what I want to make. Screw the career. Screw the whole thing.” The same attitude that took him across the country on an illegal 120-pool skateboarding spree led to legend status in the skate world, and an unlikely career as a screenwriter and documentary filmmaker whose first documentary Dogtown and Z-Boys won Sundance Film Festival awards and sold millions of copies. But skaters only make such tricks look easy. Peralta tells Off Camera it was anything but…

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Laura Dern

As a kid, Laura Dern didn’t spend much time pondering what she’d be when she grew up – not that she needed or wanted to. Born into an immediate and extended show business family, her first role at age 7 led to a Martin Scorsese-endorsed career path that took a fortunate swerve past Brat Pack standards into a stellar line up of iconic independents. The Emmy and Golden Globe award-winning actress offers Off Camera one of our most compelling conversations to date, covering her development as an actress known for portrayals of intriguing, perplexing characters in works such as Blue Velvet, Smooth Talk, Wild at Heart and the greatly-mourned Enlightened. And if you’re among the legion of fans awaiting her plans with George Clooney for the much-anticipated premiere of Grizzly 2, remember you heard it here first.

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Judd Apatow

Exiled to right field at an early age, Judd Apatow knew athletics weren’t his ticket out of geekdom. But not to worry. He knew what he wanted to do and who to ask about getting there, and he’s been making us laugh (mostly at ourselves) ever since. And even after a run of hits that include Bridesmaids, Funny People and The 40 Year Old Virgin, he owns almost every self help book on the market and is still patiently waiting for someone to tell him he’s okay. The writer/producer/director talks to Off Camera about lessons from the kings of comedy, his OCD approach to filmmaking, and the thrill of risking his family’s worldwide humiliation.

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Dave Grohl

In this issue, Off Camera offers readers a course in Badass 101, taught by guest Professor Dave Grohl. And who better to school those looking to rock – in music or life in general – than a high school dropout who went on to become one of today’s few remaining true rock torchbearers? And with his recent documentary film Sound City, he’s also become one if it’s chroniclers. Off Camera asks our esteemed guest: Is badass born or learned?

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Tony Hawk

As the most decorated pro skateboarder ever, Tony Hawk’s name is synonymous with the sport that shaped him. Conversely he’s helped define the sport itself with a legacy of creative athleticism, ongoing advocacy and pure passion. Hawk talks life lessons, skating’s evolution and why, as a successful 44-year old business man and father, he still makes a living on four wheels.

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