Matt Berninger, Issue 52, Editor’s Letter

Well folks, those of you who’ve read these past seven editor’s letters have followed my foray into pseudonyms, mountain living, pirate radio, and creative impulse – all at the expense of rational behavior. I have affectionately titled it “The Jay Stellar Saga,” and I hope you’ve been enjoying the ride. If you want to get […]

28 Jan 2016| Comments

Tim Robbins, Issue 51, Editor’s Letter

If you’ve been keeping up with these editor’s letters lately, you’ve been regaled with my adventures as a mountain man with a radio show, and I’m going to jump right back into that story. If you aren’t familiar with the tale, go back to issue 46 and do a little binge read of the Jay […]

21 Jan 2016| Comments

Aubrey Plaza, Issue 50, Editor’s Letter

Welcome to installment number five of the Jay Stellar Saga. To get caught up, start at issue 46, and find out exactly how I came to be a part-time resident of the Los Padres National Forest, communing with birds, motorcycle trails, and firewood. I was also communing with technology – sort of. I was more […]

14 Jan 2016| Comments

Linda Cardellini, Issue 49, Editor’s Letter

If you’ve followed the last couple of issues, you’ve read of the birth of Jay Stellar and the series of improbable events that led to my purchase of a house in the Mt. Pinos forest. If not, head on back to issue 46 to catch up so you’ll know exactly why in this installment, I […]

17 Dec 2015| Comments

Bill Lawrence, Issue 48, Editor’s Letter

Well dear readers, I bought the house. Two issues ago (Issue #46), I began the tale of the mythical, mystical Jay Stellar, who was born on a mountaintop in the Los Padres National Forest. When I left off, I’d just seen the house of my dreams that until that moment, I had no idea I […]

10 Dec 2015| Comments

Paul Dano, Issue 47, Editor’s Letter

The last editor’s letter – Issue #46, if you’re tracking – left me standing on a mountain vista overlooking Pine Mountain Club, while my realtor Jim peed his pants (or more specifically, while he filled his adult diaper). I urge you to go back to that issue and do a quick catch-up, as I’m going […]

03 Dec 2015| Comments

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Issue 46, Editor’s Letter

I suppose it’s time I tell you all about Jay Stellar. This fabled man might just be Patient Zero for the eventual birth of this enterprise we call Off Camera. And Jay Stellar represents so much more – freedom of choice, embodiment of the good life and fearless opposition of the fiercest enemy: actual work. […]

25 Nov 2015| Comments

William H. Macy, Issue 45, Editor’s Letter

I learned to ride a bike when I was five years old. This is how I learned: My best friend and next-door neighbor Ed Caspers was the first kid on our street to get a bike; it was a small, cheaply built wobbly red thing with white-painted rims and as I recall, a purple lightning […]

19 Nov 2015| Comments
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