STACY PERALTA, Issue 10, Editor’s Letter

I am going to write another column about skateboarding. It’s not that I am obsessed with the sport, or trying to hang on to my youth desperately.  No, this particular missive concerns passing the sport on to future generations.  My daughter is 7, and she is starting to skate a little bit, mostly because dad […]

Off Camera featured in Huck Magazine

Here’s a nice little feature from U.K. based Huck Magazine: Off Camera Huck Magazine Feature

12 Jul 2013|Comments Off on Off Camera featured in Huck Magazine

TONY HAWK, Issue 06, Editor’s Letter

Growing up in Southern California in the 70’s, it was pretty hard to avoid skateboarding.  The craze hit my neighborhood hard.  I grew up on a block with twelve boys all within a few years of my age, and almost collectively, we fell in love with skateboarding.  I started with a Black Knight board, which […]