Off Camera feature in the Sunday Guardian

In-depth interviews with figures of note


How many times have you read an interview or a profile of an iconic personality that leaves you none the wiser as to what makes them who they are? In this age of fast-track journalism, where media houses are often subject to the forces of capitalism and propaganda, real, unmasked portraiture gets rarer. Off Camera is an exception in this regard — not only does it bring to you in-depth, soul-searching interviews with celebrities from the film, music and entertainment fraternity, it does so without the conscious artificiality of the newsroom.

Sam Jones, a US-based photographer/director, started Off Camera earlier this year with the firm belief that the best conversations happen when the recording light is switched off. Inspired by a lifetime of reading Rolling Stone magazine interviews and the desire to photograph, in a candid manner, anyone who piqued his interest, Jones started this multi-channel journalistic initiative — it is a website, a podcast, a television show and a magazine, all rolled into one.

For one man to dream and execute something like this is nothing short of a wonder — but it has obviously helped that Jones lives, breathes and writes from inside Hollywood. The eight issues so far deal with some really interesting people, and have covers with some excellent photography. From alt-rock band Foo Fighters’ vocalist Dave Grohl to film director Judd Apatow, the people Jones has chosen to talk to come from the highest echelons of the industry and widely covered. Yet, when you read/watch/listen to their interviews with Jones, you’ll realise you’ve just seen them in a whole new light